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going around with your mates and charging at random hedges in at anyones garden and throwing yourself into or over them to make people laugh at how stupid you look lauching yourself through the leaves n sticks, landing on your face in someones front yard
nick- lets go hedge hopping
danny- go for that one, go on.
nick flings himself through hedge
danny- hahahahahaha
nick- ouch shit, ive cut my arm and back
by Normo nick March 27, 2008
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The act of jumping hedges in backyard's of a run of terraced houses. Tresspassing through back gardens via "hopping Hedges" Originated in 1940's England
Oi Clive, you want to go Hedgehopping tonight?

Yea alright but I need to get my running trainers
by Brad Fister March 22, 2012

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