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used in the sentence: off tha heazy, meaning "off the hook", way too cool.
That's car is off the heazy!
That pussy is off the heazy!
by Wesh December 24, 2003
Heazy is a "tofu word". In that it's definitions adapt to what ever context it is being used. The most common used definition is for (1) "an area of personal space" adopted and made famous by Snoop Dog is the second example (2) where Heazy is inserted for the word hook meerly for poeticizm. Sheazy
(1) "That bitch was all-up-IN my Heazy!"

(2) "Off the heazy fo sheazy"
by BrianF December 21, 2005
Not the rest of that lame stuff you idiots wrote! Off the heazy is like OMFG that is like so totally cool beans and cheerios!
OMFG Your heazy was slightly bent.... egg. Or maybe that dress is like off the heazy fo sheazy.
by your mom stupid eggnuts August 14, 2004
The word for a small orange and white cat. Also used in describing the 530.
Look at that Heazy it should eat more
by Heazy INC November 12, 2006
Absolutely meaningless. Used in conjunction with 'fo' sheazy' to add emphasis and allow the speaker further cool-sounding syllables to spout.
You know, like off the heazy?
by What-the-sheazy December 04, 2003
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