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usually a very short male. typically blonde and popular with girls. a heathman is generally very creative and loyal to his friends. he has a small circle of close friends and a wider range or hundreds of friends. everyone loves a heathman so people try to be their friends.
someone who has a heathman as a friend is very lucky and should do all they can to keep them.
usually has a small penis.
1) Wow! That kid is so fit! He's such a heathman!
2) Haha, that guy has such a small willy.. what a heathman.
by bigman20100292 April 15, 2010
amazing super hero that despite the name, is actually a female
"wow Heath Man, You're amazing!"
"Man isn't used in the literal sense, 'he' is actually a 'she'."
by veesa M**** May 10, 2005

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