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one of the weirdest cool people in your life you will meet, hott and sexy and up for an awesome time. you neva know if shes white or black. she can weirdly attract any guy she wants or even doesnt want. extremley powerful.
"damn dude there goes heatha, dude shes fine"
by Heather December 29, 2004
Sexy lil' journalism girl from MP. Reps River Trails n knows wats really good. Has a crush on Dan Diaz, also from the MP. Drives a funny lil SUV n is often in the back seat.
" Yo Heatha, hows the weatha?
by dan shin March 24, 2005
One of those people that just says "cool." Listens to white rap, esp. from B Dawg; a major pimp magnet and likes pizza from Tony V's.
Raise the roof it's heatha!
by Ben April 03, 2005