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That feeling in your heart when you see an attractive person. Like heart skipping a beat
:O! *heartgasm* That guy is HOT!
by teeny_tiney24 August 01, 2006
That queasy,tingly, excited feeling In your heart/chest area when you like or love some one. Sorta like heart ache but a good feeling.
Guy1: so how's the girl?
Guy2: o gosh, she's givin me a heartgasm thinking bout her everynite!
by Toourban4Urban March 28, 2010
A heartgasm is the result of a heart attack at the moment of orgasm. Generally experienced by the elderly, the chances of this occurring are highly unlikely. Bad heartburn may be mistaken for it on occasion.
Tom: Oh, yes, yes, i'm almost-Ahhhhhh! *Death*

Rebecca: Oh my word, what's wrong?!

Tom: *Rejoins the living* Heartgasm *death*

Rebecca: Nooooo!
by LonghairtheJesus March 11, 2008