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To be honset, sincere, and to really mean it.
"It was the truth. I could tell she was being heartful."
by JDiaz March 06, 2005
To have some connection to the heart, or be warm.

Seasonally common Japanese "Engrish" word used heavily in marketing. Meaning is somewhat ambiguous.
"Have a heartful White Day."
"Let's have heartful winter."
by sanvé November 26, 2009
one whose heart has been broken by a stupid boy. everytime someone says somethin mean or retarded by dey friends is so heartful. in other words country way of sayin somethin mean.
you: hi she i heard ur ex he goes wit girl
she: dats was heartful u knw i still like him
(she runs off cryin)
by ms.she April 01, 2008