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Headspinner (n): a cute girl of a petite stature that you can toss in midair and do tricks with when having sex; just make sure not to throw the bitch outta the window because they are so damn small and fragile
Guy 1: "Dude, why does Jessica have a huge bump on her head?"

Guy 2: "Man, she's a headspinner, I couldn't resist making that bitch fly last night"

Eric is 6'3" and he's going out with a 5'1" headspinner

Girl 1: "Oh my god! Did you hear!? Dana got thrown outta a window last night!"

Girl 2: "That's Eric's dumbass fault, he should have be more gentle when he was banging her! She's a headspinner for god sakes!"
by SumRandomSkank January 26, 2012

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Male having a bald spot, presumably identifying him as victim of the "break-dancing" craze in the early 80's.
See that black dude with the bald spot overthere ? Total headspinner.
by The Nitwitz January 25, 2004
a person (usually a woman) who reaches such high volume and overwhelming rage when expressing their anger towards someone, that you swear their head is going to spin around like Linda Blair in "The Exorcist";
Yesterday, that headspinner that lives across the street was going off on her kid again.
by BeccaR June 11, 2005