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the effect of uncontrollable laughter; laughing so hard that "tears meet your ears"; the state of mind you reach when laughing so hard you forget what you are laughing about; usually the side-effect of drug-induced euphoria
After hearing the story, the girls got all teary-eared.
by BeccaR June 11, 2005
a person (usually a woman) who reaches such high volume and overwhelming rage when expressing their anger towards someone, that you swear their head is going to spin around like Linda Blair in "The Exorcist";
Yesterday, that headspinner that lives across the street was going off on her kid again.
by BeccaR June 11, 2005
Japanese idiom taken from the American movie "Battalion" (all Japanese words start with a vowel = "o", then sound out battalion without the L's); term used for little old ladies that use their elbows to work their way through a crowded place.
At the fish market, the obatarians relentlessly push their way through the crowd to the front of the line.
by BeccaR June 11, 2005
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