whe you are smoking a joint and you breathe in and out really quickly then whistle a joint stick ur head in the air grab ur neck and suck in till you cant any more then let it out, ultimate effect
<> mow flow <> do a head fuck boi!!!<><><<><><><><><>
by will_walker June 17, 2007
when somebody's confused, confuckinfuzzled and is tryin their hardest to think, like when u get a stupid equation that makes no sense in 4th grade at school, the sort that mashes yer brain up so.. its a headfuck
a: " my mum, sed that her mum, didnt like his mum, coz her mum,told mr beaken that his, mum didnt like my mum, coz i told mr beaken that i liked greenhippo's so he told mrs beaken who's her mum....."
b: " wow headfuck!!!slow down blondie, say again"
by Soldja March 08, 2007
Headfuck: Blows you mind.
e.g. (someone looking at a beaututiful view) "Check out that headfuck!"
e.g. (someone looking at a beaututiful view) "Check out that headfuck!"
by Check this shit out October 11, 2003
To go over extensively in the mind; to ponder; to mull
"I've just been sitting at home head fucking the fight I had with Jimmy."

"You guys are head fucking this thing. Let's just learn the facts and move on."
by HBusiness April 04, 2010
v: When one sticks their head inside a woman's vagina (similar to fistfuck, only with one's head)
"That Liza has such a huge pussy that I could probably headfuck that bitch."
by G Z April 07, 2009
A term used on the movie Beerfest

A comeback for retards

Meaning: the word fuck head backwards

Person 1:your a total headfuck

Person 2: well... What now head fuck!!!!
by church897 October 15, 2007
The feeling of the world swimming before you, usually after consuming large amounts of alcohol.
Dude, I have such a headfuck from last night!
by trace45 16 April 28, 2009
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