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mainly a very hot tempered person or can also mean a stupid,mental,gay,bitch,hobo, that mooches off of you.
"STUPID HEADER!" or "Stacey is such a header"
by nikinava94 July 22, 2008
2 7
English slang term for female slag who goes around giving head to anyone who wants it.
Male 1:"Damn, i need some1 to suck my cock"
Male 2:"How about Natalie, shes a header"
by x*tasha*x June 04, 2005
89 56
An Irish slang word commonly found in Donegal. Used as a compliment.

A person who is at once thought crazy and cool.
A person who is 'gud craic.'

- "He feckin' pished on dat teachar's car!"
- "Wat a header!"
- "Jeysh (Gee) ye'r shome header bai!"

by Draemr April 13, 2009
57 28
An accidental dive, taken headfirst toward the pavement. Often caused by drunkenness, hooker heels, or a combination of the two.
1. "Dude, you busted up - what happen?"
"Took a header into the curb outside the bar last night."

2. "Ah, my shit is fucked, dawg"
"Damn boy, you took a mean header there. The ladies gunna be impressed with yo ass in da club 2nite!"
by Jerry Tischleder June 11, 2008
38 14
A car part in the exhast, deals with the expelling of gases. upgraded for less back resistance.
how did u break 14sec?
got some carbon headers
by James Hemma January 23, 2007
33 17
Yank speak for an exhaust manifold - the series of pipes which allow the exhaust gasses to pass from the cylinder to the catalytic converter
Yo, my new header got me another 10 BHP
by Redwitch December 17, 2006
48 39
A technique in soccer in which you use your head to hit the ball into a controlled direction.
Jimmy successfully used a header to control the ball directly into the goal.
by Ryan Smalley July 26, 2006
28 21
Having to leave somewhere or just leaving
Man i gotta header. pc
Yo dude lets header we're gunna be late.
by Don Eval March 09, 2008
20 18