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A Nutter or crazy person, often violent. Shortened version of Head the Ball
Don't go near him, he's a complete header, i once saw him pick a fight with his own reflection
by Leoni December 10, 2007
Getting dome while playing FIFA.
Chase: I was scoring goals with Messi and scoring with Rachel yesterday...

Austin: "Header!"
by bishfish101 November 08, 2011
-A blowjob.
-Oral sex
I would give you a header if you want...
Kylie gave a header to Thomas yesterday and made him release fluid.
by VickyVixen December 25, 2009
The act of drilling a hole into a person's head and fucking his/her brain matter.
Yo, Kylie pissed me off so I pulled a header on her.
by zuba February 02, 2005
A slang term for a certain student district in Leeds, UK.

Sometimes also referred to as 'Head' if one is feeling particularly sloppy or hungover.
Tom: Would you like to join me for some Pimms?
Tim: Why yes, Tommy, where are you going?

Tom: Headers.

Tim: I'm so hungover.
Tom: Where are you?
Tim: Head.
by Stevie Durham July 15, 2010
Just another name for someone who enjoys giving head. Also, the headEE is the one getting head. Just a little "heads up!"
Your Friend - "That girl is such a header! You should ask her out."

That Girl - "F*** you! I heard that!"
by Ey Jo November 03, 2008
mainly a very hot tempered person or can also mean a stupid,mental,gay,bitch,hobo, that mooches off of you.
"STUPID HEADER!" or "Stacey is such a header"
by nikinava94 July 22, 2008