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Hbh stands for HeartBreak Hotel, which comes from a song. It usually refers to a person being rejected by his/her crush. It was invented by a girl who likes to use acronyms for almost any words.
Catherine: I'm checking in hbh tonight.
David: HAHA. Have a GOOD sleep.
Catherine: w/e f u
by tugua October 03, 2010
A Birthday Wish typically best suited for a younger brother (Happy Birthday Homo).
Tyler: Hey Kevin. HBH.

Kevin: Thanks man, this is the best Birthday ever.
by Mary Sampsonite February 02, 2014
Meaning "Hella butthurt" or getting your feelings extremely hurt, being offended or getting all bent out of shape because of something petty or stupid.
James was HBH when Thomas commented on his hair.
by swaggy mcswaggerson September 06, 2013
Basically HBH stands for heartbreak hotel. It was derived from a song and is commonly used when heartbreak happens. When that does happen all you gotta do is check-in to the heartbreak hotel.
Me: yo guys im so depresed
Dave: wsup g
Me: Time to check in hbh
by ttengchill October 17, 2010
(Noun.) The preferred, abbreviated form of Hobag Hottie, a term that applies to skankily attractive individuals (namely of the female sex).
Katya: Did you see that low cut shirt Allie was wearing today?
Alana: Yeah, she is such an HBH!
by esimpa October 14, 2004
Home, but hiding.
We didn't have any Halloween candy left, so we we cut off the light and were hbh.
by Kim Fulcher April 11, 2015
see habakuhei
Person 1: something something HBH
Person 2: WOooah!!
by Citizen June 24, 2004

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