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Hbh stands for HeartBreak Hotel, which comes from a song. It usually refers to a person being rejected by his/her crush. It was invented by a girl who likes to use acronyms for almost any words.
Catherine: I'm checking in hbh tonight.
David: HAHA. Have a GOOD sleep.
Catherine: w/e f u
by tugua October 03, 2010
Used mainly in ghettohoods, as explained by a ghetto girl, it basically means a boyfriend that is suitable for you.
ttengchill (ghetto girl): yo he's defz not bf material.
tugua: LOL WTF?
by tugua February 10, 2011
A new word invented by a girl with crazy imagination.
Nubcucumber, which follows a nubcake, is another veggy alternative for those who don't like cakes.
Guy 1: I eat you nubcake.
Girl 1: No I eatz you nubcucumber.

Guy 1 : Taste my nubcucumber.
Girl 1 : Yark no, it's veggy.
by tugua December 02, 2009
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