4 l33t d00d t4#t c4n e4si1y st34l j00rs N3t P4$$p0rt.
S4br3t4che 0wn0rs j00rs b0x0rs...4nd u c4nt h4ve 3m b4ck!
by SABRETACHE H4x0r July 01, 2003
Top Definition
An inferior breed of sub-humans that download exploitatcious programs for use in computer games to supplement their bad genetics and lack of skill. As a result of such actions, they gain self-esteem from their apparent success, even though they had nothing to do with it.

A person who steals megahertz.
by Mark Lam February 09, 2004
A person who believes themselves to be superior to others because they play computer games while utilizing malevolent or advantageous programs and files and type in a bizzare alphanumeric language called leet. They have no computer skillz themselves but utilize those given to them by others. Not to be confused with hacker. A noble group of people who can run a computer wisely and effeciently
That Hax0r wouldn't know a packet sniffer if it bit him in the ass
by Anonymous May 30, 2003
Word used by people who aspire to be hackers, but are too stupid to ever become one.
G1337haax0rs: I am l33t haxor gimme j000s r35p3c7 & uber skillz pls kthx

slutx0r: ok ok, I'll give you a leet hax0r programme

G1337haax0rs has accepted

G1337haax0rs has disconnected
1)A word to name the "leet", or should I say "1337" wannabes of the internet.
Usually meaning something along the lines of: An unauthorized user or individual who attempts to or gains access to an information system, or some information-related data.

2)Also hackers. There are really three main types of hackers, although you don't really hear about them. These are the black hat, white hat, and... well... the haxor.
some guy: dUDE I"M sooooooo a L##T HAX0r>>>>> i JUSt haxed like frikin diabl0 stof.
other guy: Yeah.. meh too.

Hacker1: Hey.. wana go hack into the pentagon and leave a message saying 'kilroy was here'?
Hacker2: No thanks, I just did that last night. How about we go out for a sandwich and some CHIPS. (get it)
Hacker1: Meh. Maybe later, let me just download some patches, I've got to see what's wrong with my connection, I'm only getting 424.53 Terra Bytes per Second.
by Plumberry August 18, 2005
Gamer talk. o is sometimes replaced with a zero (Hax0r). An "S" can be added on to the word.

1. Haxors: Hack/Hacked
2. Haxors:Hacker/hackers
1. "I had to Hax0rs my way into his site."
2. "OMFG you guys are Hax0rs!!!!"
by micro339 July 13, 2008
a nerd who can't get a girlfriend so he must cheat at online games
goddamn hackers suck
by ReDDo August 17, 2003
A cheater. A hacker. One who cheats to win at computer games.
That nub hax0red me!
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
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