1. Meaning awesome, hot, or just plain beastly. Connor is known to be the hawtest person alive.
Dude! Connor is so Hawt!
by c0m2011 September 13, 2006
A cool, shexy way of saying "hot". Made famous by Paris Hilton
"Simon Cowell is hawt."
by Lex May 25, 2005
the new leet, l33t or 1337.
Altenrak is the hawtest guy around.
by Altenrak October 11, 2005
Hot and/or sexy. See Peaseblossomkiss on Furcadia.
Pizzle is teh hawt of all hawtness.
by Trish March 14, 2005
how girls with cum in their mouth say the word "hot".
She sounds really funny when she says hot. And just think 20 minutes ago she was calling me a spade.
by anonymous March 02, 2005
hawt – adj. Trying very hard but completely failing at making yourself physically attractive, especially in front of a camera. Modern English: hot > Old English > hát
aren't these pictures on my livejournal so hawt?
by cardenio April 06, 2005
someone who is sexually attractive
that girl is smoking hawt!!!
by Cody Cauffman November 07, 2008
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