a person who has hawk-like traits and is awkward at the same time
oh thats hawkward
by emilyhawk May 02, 2011
Refers to someone who is both hot and awkward.
Kyle: "Saw one of my friends roommate today."
Brandon: "She cute?"
Kyle: "Yeah, she's hawkward."
Brandon: "Hahaha."
by Dephloc January 17, 2012
Uncomfortable feeling (awkwardness) around some one that is "hawt".
Person 1: I totally just tripped into that hawt guy! ....

Person 2: Oh my gosh 0.0

Person 1: That was HAWKWARD ....
by Eliza Hooper October 24, 2011
An adjective, describing 'a situation so unbelievably awkward it rivals Hawkman's backstory and continuity issues.'
After seeing Carter naked, it's now been incredibly 'hawkward' to be around him.
by MrChrisHansen May 29, 2011
when a group of new acquaintances, or people who've just met, sit together in silence; looking ("hawking") (around the room, at eachother, etc.) awkardly.
The moments when your friend leaves the room and his/her friend stays there silently (seemingly waiting for you to start a conversation). Hawkward.

by 3V15C3R4710N March 23, 2011
the state of being both highly physically attractive (hot) and somewhat socially unskilled (awkward)
Dude, that girl is totally being hawkward right now.
by loloashley May 21, 2011
Something that is hot and awkward.

Can also replace "thats what she said."
I walked in on my ex gettin it. It was hawkward.
by ChrisAndErms October 01, 2010

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