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English language science fiction young adult book series written by K. A. Applegate (Katherine Alice Applegate) and published by Scholastic. The first book of the series was published in 1996. Animorphs is the third-most successful children's book series of all time, after Harry Potter and Goosebumps. There was a single-book parody of Animorphs called Vegemorphs.

The series focuses on a group of human teenagers (along with an Andalite) who, with powers of shapeshifting ('morphing') granted upon them by alien technology, attempt to prevent the takeover of Earth by the Yeerks. To gain a new shapeshifting power, they must touch the chosen animal to absorb a length of the animal's DNA, enabling them to morph into that animal. The series is based primarily on Earth, though a few books have their primary setting in an alien environment.
Animorphs is such a great book!
by Brandon Smith December 25, 2005
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The name of the Animorph book series, by K. A. Applegate. Five teenagers are granted powers to 'morph' or become other animals by a dying alien Andalite prince named Elfangor, killed by his enemy, Visser Three, an intelligent parasite called a Yeerk inhabiting another Andalite's body.

The teenagers, Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, and Marco, use their new powers to fight the spreading Yeerk infection on earth. They later teem up with Elfangor's brother, Aximili.

The book series encompasses 54 books, 4 Megamorphs, 4 other books detailing the history of different people/races mentioned, and several other Alternamorphs, which are choose-your-own-ending books.
I am an Animorph.

Would you like to become an Animorph?

The Animorph's are cool.
by svonnah_la_fay June 02, 2005
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a kind of human/animal that is human by day and animal by night. they follow a certain type of religion.
"The animorph across the street howls once a month and sings in the morning. How stange!"
by KLFJNDLEC March 14, 2005
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