1. (adjective) used to describe things that are awkward in the extreme.
Tommy(dialing up his bff):"HEY BITCH WHAT'S UP?!"

Friend's Mom(answered phone):"Hello Tommy, this is 'Bitch's' mom."

Tommy:"Well this is hawkward."
by mhmitsyourmom December 09, 2009
an adjective used to describe a person who is hot and awkward at the same time, making them the best of both worlds
"Did you see that rower? Definitely hawkward!"
by ALH328 August 25, 2009
The awkwardness that accompanies a group of unable bodies at the unfortunate institution called Illinois Tech, home of the Scarlet Hawks. Used to display dismay towards the general population of said school.
Just came back from a party at IIT, dang that sausage fest was hawkward.
by surreality July 10, 2008
describes a situation which can be incredibly hot but also intensely awkward at the same time or potentially later on.
When Joe's girlfriend finally said yes to the 3-way with Joe's ex, he knew it would be a hawkward case of rebooty because of the matching tattoos Joe and his ex had.
by QCkaliRyder83 March 16, 2009
An adjective to describe a situation that is so startling, so uncomfortable, so inspiring of speechlessness, it supercedes the constraints of the awkward turtle. May be used in instances of a particularly revealing Freudian slip.

Signed by pointing hands in opposing directions, locking the thumbs, and flapping. An accompanying screech is necessary.

Coined by an English TA at Florida State
I need a girlfriend to suck me dry -- I mean bleed me dry!! HAWKWARD!
by Feter November 12, 2007

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