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Love with a fiery pasion of hatred
girl: I love you

boy: I have you
by sk8bordrcmusic February 03, 2008

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A term used to describe a beautiful woman (8.5-10).
Rather than say I would like to...
or I wish i could...
You say Have as in I have....
I saw this total have today. A real 10!
Oh snap! Look at her.....Have.
by Ninjetti October 24, 2007
the act of smoking a butt
mawq: siga do you want to go outside and have?
siga: i fucking love to have.
by mawqandcheese October 23, 2011
Pronounced: haive

A combination of love and hate.

The couple was stuck in a have situation.
They love each other, and yet hate each other at the same time.
by Sarah's pants July 10, 2008