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Haternoia – n. The fear of being the object of indifference by imagined enemies
1. The social phenomena of rappers berating their enemies as “haters” in their rap lyrics have created a tendency within a sub pop culture to live vicariously through their favorite rappers. Thus the rappers’ haters becomes the fan’s haters; causing the fans to suffer from haternoia.

2. In spite the fact that the democratic senator has flipped on every major political issue in the last five years, his haternoia caused him to attribute his lost in the last Presidential campaign to his fellow democratic opponent who had lost the nomination for the democratic candidate, a few months earlier.

3. When asked to identify the persons who were jealous of her accomplishments, the teenage girl could not identify any specific person. Thus it was evident to the school psychiatrist Mr. Walker, the young girl was suffering from haternoia.
by krazy4kerygma July 01, 2013
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Believing you have more haters than you really do.
Tosha: "Yo dat bitch Natalie been hatin on me for the longest, her and all her friends."
Natalie and all her friends...don't even know who Tosha is or that she exists.

Keyshia:"Yo bitch u sufferin from haternoia"
by epidemik816 July 03, 2012

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