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Something you suggest someone drink when they're being a hater, or hating on someone or something. Derivative of the product/name "gatoraid."
by Skwirut June 16, 2003
126 27
the drink that all the fuckin haters are sippin on.
Guy 1: Look at that guy hes a freakin douche.
Guy 2: Shut the hell up and quit sippin the hater aid. Bitch
by dabestwebster August 03, 2010
14 3
the substance a hater drinks
"yo dawg dont be frontin by tryin be drinkin that hateraid cuz it dont be off the hezzie frishezzie."
by yo mama March 26, 2005
42 68
to have hatred towards or to hate on(Insult.)
he droped a huge bottle of Hateraid on me.
by david December 09, 2003
16 51
A medicine for people that are throwing out some serious hate.
Dane: You better get a sip of some Hateraid before you say another word. You are doing some serious hatein.
by whitechocolate October 01, 2003
24 59
Drink supplied generously to owners of Moomba, Supra, and Malibu boats. Commonly found in place of "Beer" on other boats, namely those with the acronyms MC and CC. Although the "haters" would rather have "beer" on their boats, they have to be sharp to look out for "wedges" ripping off the back of their boats, "spider cracks" on their tower mounts, and "tears" in their vinyl.
by Smartass October 06, 2003
7 60