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A hot Asian girl that locks you in by just looking at you with her mysterious eyes. An Asian girl of great beauty. A fine Asian freak.
"Damn dogg did you see that Asian Pursuesian walking by at da mall yesterday?"
"Yeah I'd like to dip into dat soy sauce!"
by whitechocolate December 27, 2004
to mess up a friends hair, by taking ones hand and rubbing against the pulled back part of a pony tail.
That evil whore fuzzled me again!
by whitechocolate February 16, 2003
An apparatus for riding down a snowy hill, but better known in the streets as a crotch rocket, sport bike, or ninja motorcycle
"Yo we takin da Hummer to da club?"
"Nah dogg, lets ride out on da sleds!"
by whitechocolate December 27, 2004
Having sex with an Asian girl.
"Whatd you do last night G?"

"I was chillin wit Ling Ling, Dippin in da Soy Sauce!"
by whitechocolate December 27, 2004
a ghetto slang term used by the rapper E-40 to refer to "ghetto birds" - more commonly known as hellicopters.
I was jus chillin on mah fron' poach, smokin some dank and lookin out fo da helliciznopters.
by whitechocolate December 04, 2003
Very similar to the shocker, but using the two in the pink two in the stink method derived from the hand signal Mr. Spock gave on Star Trek.
Only to be used with caution after the shocker has been previously applied.
"That girl was lovin da shocker so much that I had to one up it and gave her the spocker!"
by whitechocolate December 27, 2004
Synonym to the shocker.
"Yo did you give that girl the shocker before the business last night?"

"Yeah I was throwin gang symbols all up in that shit!"
by whitechocolate December 27, 2004

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