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when you dislike someone so much that if you and the other person were in an empty room with a knife in the middle, one or both would be dead
thats when you know you hate someone
by Gunboy July 16, 2004
An awsome type of metal that is extremely creative. Progressive Metal usualy tells a story of some kind making it unique from any other type of metal.
by Gunboy May 10, 2004
The best damn game ever created
by Gunboy March 18, 2004
The most random flash movie known to man about a bread like housemaster and his random and demented friends that do random stuff.
Flying Toaster: Housemaster, did you eat your chunky noodle soup?
by Gunboy March 20, 2004
the best enemy that has ever been created for a game. it is so annoying that its funny, making it the best. the game serious sam has it. the beheaed kamikaze runs at you in a strait line yelling a death cry attempting to blow up in your face. it is bearchested, with brown geans,headles, with 2 black ball like bombs in its hands. youll hear this enemy in your sleep
by Gunboy April 15, 2004
One of the best Death Metal bands due to the garage-like sound of their guitars.
Let the Nepalm Rain
by Gunboy March 20, 2004
Kick ass music with the hardest thrash in instraments.
not for fuckin weak and whining amitures who think that death metal suck ass. Death Metal is the best
by Gunboy March 20, 2004

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