Hate is an evil thing that encompasses the souls of the weak. Usually due to jealousy, anger, guilt, or boredom. People that are jealous, angry, or hostile are often referred to as "haters".
I love my hater blockers.
by definingmyworld September 22, 2008
an expression to express someone's feeling.
When you love someone until you got no other ways to love anymore, until you don't know how you can continue anymore, it became hate.
i hate you!
by miss v. July 10, 2008
When you feel the urge to kill someone and burn there family!!!!
I hate you and i want to kill you and burn your family!!!
by fishmongril September 09, 2006
To feel hostility or animosity toward.
To detest.
To feel dislike or distaste for
To want to kill someone
"i hate tommy because he slap me!"
by lidoayznhottie July 28, 2005
A verb form of fuck you.
Jenny hates Tom because he grabbed her ass.
by Foamy March 01, 2005
v. the action or actions of a player hater; animosity or hostility towards in a non-player like fashion.
Man, I'm telling you, every time I go to the club with that dude he hates.
by not a buster February 08, 2003
What Sarah says she is when she actually likes Stephen but doesn't want to say it
I hate you right now
I still hate you
by Truhstephen May 11, 2014
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