v. the action or actions of a player hater; animosity or hostility towards in a non-player like fashion.
Man, I'm telling you, every time I go to the club with that dude he hates.
by not a buster February 08, 2003
What Sarah says she is when she actually likes Stephen but doesn't want to say it
I hate you right now
I still hate you
by Truhstephen May 11, 2014
Somthing that turns you bitter.
Hate is for haters.
by DorothylovesU2 December 21, 2010
H aving
A ngry
T houghts
E ternally
HATE kills, LOVE gives life.
by HAL TEVE August 11, 2009
Like love, but without the heartache.
Person #1: I hate you.
Person #2: I hate you too.
Person #1: Wow. So it's mutual?
Person #2: Yeah.
Person #1: Awesome.
by Snobby Elitist Bastard June 09, 2009
In SOME cases, when a person strongly dislikes another person for a COMPLETELY illegitimate reason.
Damn, that bitch Rayna think she all that just cause she drives a bmw to school & she think everybody so call hate her....


Lil Wayne so gay for wearing tight pants.
by sugalump904 May 22, 2009
a passionate feeling and extreme disgust towards another person
All People Do Is Hate Now A Days.

She Can Hate On Me All She Wants.

His Mind Was Set To Hate Her.
by AcktiveBombacious May 16, 2009

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