A feeling quite opposite of love which can cause much hostility. It is associated with such things as war, jealously, and greed. It is often said on the spur of the moment, when not truly meant.
1)The act of war is the epitomy of hate.

2)"I hate you!"

"...No you don't, you love me."

"...Shut up.."
by Addiy March 29, 2003
The strongest feeling that you can have towards someone or something, Next to love. An undying fire of rage in the pit of your stomach. 😤
1. I absolutely HATE that butthole!

2. Go to hell. I hate you!
3. Ugh i hate the new school uniform!
by TheQueen111 May 23, 2016
Hate is an irrational hate of the unknown or uncontrollable. It derives out of a subconcious fear and discomfort of something that the person feeling the emotion cannot change.
A majority of people on iFunny seem to hate any fandom they happen to stumble upon.
by All-Ears-Woofie July 05, 2016
A special kind attention given by people who suck.
There will always be hate.

Hate cannot affect you, only if you let it.

Hate is usually given by very confused and mean individuals, just

pray for them.

A hater will suck the happiness out of you, but only if you let him/her.
by I got great news for you April 14, 2013
1. (noun) Intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.

2. (verb) To feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility.
1. Hate is a bad thing.

2. I hate you!
by lovepeace February 08, 2012
Used to describe an individual who takes anger and uses it for illigocal, self sustaining idiocy.
There is too much hate in the world.
by TrueLanguage June 17, 2015
A logical fallacy used to dismiss a criticism by labeling said criticism as mere "hate".
Hater: "Man, you used to hold it down. Now you're all talk."

Hatee: "Shit, I gotta go - I'm gettin' hated on."
by Beef Merciful August 17, 2008
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