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All these other definitions of this korean word are wrong..
Hasu is the opposite of gosu. which means high hand. So hasu means low hand. chobo is just a bad manner way to say hasu, and hasu is the good manner way to say it especially when referrin to yourself as a newbie. P.S. these are slang for online video games.
" I just started playing starcraft and you're gosu, i'm just a hasu."
by Eye-Loser January 02, 2005
Korean term for an average player.used widely in Starcraft/Warcraft.basically anything those Korean's play.
that guy aint no Gosu,he's a Hasu!
by JAN333 June 12, 2003
Hasu - From Korean, means "Average". The word is used in the virtual world players, it means someone is not distinctive for its ability to play your game. As the first players used it StarCraft, But word quickly spread to the other games, mainly RTSySuch as Warcraft. This is equivalent to between Gosu and chobo, newbie, noob.
chobo - hasu- gosu
newbie (not noob diference beetwen noob and newbie is huge -avarge-pro
by Robal May 18, 2010
A noob in the game starcraft.Beginer sucky player.
Thay kid blows he is hasu.
by Kevin Wisen April 24, 2003
A person who's skill is average yet still has no life
Johnny3114 is very hasu
by FuTuReZ September 23, 2003
Hasu > Chobo > Gosu
noob > novice > Pro
cant spell asuki-rhyme without IM HASU
by Paul June 13, 2004
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