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All these other definitions of this korean word are wrong..
Hasu is the opposite of gosu. which means high hand. So hasu means low hand. chobo is just a bad manner way to say hasu, and hasu is the good manner way to say it especially when referrin to yourself as a newbie. P.S. these are slang for online video games.
" I just started playing starcraft and you're gosu, i'm just a hasu."
by Eye-Loser January 02, 2005
Korean word meaning "middle hand" used in online gaming. Fits in with this group of online terms "chobo", "hasu", and "gosu".
"I'm not a gosu yet my ApM is only 150-_-, but I've played enough to be a Jungsu thats for sure."
by Eye-Loser January 02, 2005
A term used for internet games. When a player just plays games in a good mannered way and doesn't talk crap or complain. Usually Manner players will always type GG GL HF before games and at the end of the game they will wait for the losing player to type GG before they themselves type it back. (GG GL HF= GooD GamE GooD LucK HavE FuN!)
"Those players in Clan X17 are so BM (bad manner) but the guys in op hyo- are very manner. ^_^
by Eye-Loser January 02, 2005
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