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The concentrated resin from the tops of female marijuana plants.
I picked a gang of bud from my plants and rolled the hash from my fingers. We smoked it and got sooooo high!
by Holoman May 07, 2003
Salvia divinorum, a plant of the mint family propogated by South American indians. Also known as Diviners Sage.
Is to be smoked for its hallucinogenic properties due to the active compound salvinorum A.
I smoked some salvia and it was unlike anything I had smoked before.
by Holoman May 07, 2003
Noun-Singular of shrooms.
Verb-the act of ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Do you wanna shroom with us at the lake tomorrow?
by Holoman May 07, 2003
A large quantity of something.
I picked a gang of mushrooms over in that there cow pasture.
by Holoman May 07, 2003

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