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A women who used to be a lesbian but is now dating a man
Ellen Degeneres' former girlfiend.
by Jason Benjamin September 10, 2003
A straight woman who used to be a lesbian.
Ann Hesh is a double hasbien. She's been with a guy, then a girl, and now has a baby with a diffent guy.
by Big D! September 11, 2003
The Name Given to a chick that has once been a lesbian but now isnt.
What?? Rachel is a hasbien
by hamghetti... September 24, 2006
Somebody who used to be a lesbain
Woman 1 "Oh yes, I was a lesbian in 1982"
Woman 2 (aside to Woman 3) "She's such a hasbien."
by ironsc02 August 14, 2006
A young girl, who has, at some point, been homosexual, and is no longer.

Also known as: a poser.
Boy: "Dude, did you see that girl? I heard she's a Hasbien. She dated like five girls then decided she was straight."

Girl: "OH, I KNOW! And her boyfriend is a No-mo!"
by Sarangjayeo July 02, 2011
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