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When I was young, my father didn't want to swear in front of the kids. He used to say arse, instead of ass. After a few years, the kids knew what he meant when he said arse, so he had the ingenuity of changing arse to harse. That's the best explanation I can come up with, but most likely it is just because he is a harse and likes to make up words.
Glenn, I know you are a bastard, but you don't have to be a harse too.
by Harse July 07, 2004
Alternate spelling/pronunciation of horse.
Look at dat harse over dere, by!
by From De Bay By July 16, 2004
Searching the web a million times looking for the definition of harse has often revealed that harse is in fact just a misspelling of harsh.
Hey Kirk, I've searched the fucking web for Harse again and 90% of the hits are fucking bastards that can't spell.
by Not Roy July 16, 2004
A hypothetical half-hare half-horse.
What do you get when you cross a hare and an arse? A harse of course.
by Twitch Bunny May 09, 2008
A type of non-offensive swears which replaces the now offensive arse with a new pseudonym.
Your harse is so big that it makes your gick look like a spare tire.
by From De Bay By July 16, 2004
An awful word, and if spoken directley at you. Immediate retaliation with a open handed slap is then in order,
Note: Has the effect of finger pecks.
Man makes harses in the kitchen, man then it turn takes life for harses
by harses harses harses November 19, 2010