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Hilarious comedian and host of TV Burp on ITV which is one of the best shows they have except it's on a bad timeslot which everyone in the UK can't see.
Great show ... why screw it ITV?
by Chris Ridsdill February 25, 2004
exelent comedian, with a sexy head
he is soooooooooo funny
by cheesy wotsit March 25, 2004
One of the most sexiest comedians ever. I'd love to slap his bald head. mmm
'Yo dude, harry hill is sexaaaaaaaaaay.'
(other man runs away due to him being scared as he also has a bald head and sexy glasses)
by lolsl October 25, 2009
ecstasy pill
harry hill = pill
rhyming slang
by amber November 26, 2003
A misogynistic bald headed man who made a show on ITV1 to entertain imbeciles every Saturday evening.
Harry Hill:misogynistic towards 41+ women or unattractive women.
by CatUK March 02, 2009
A REALLY unfunny 'comedian' whose jokes are all scripted and badly delivered.
He also has a really annoyin squint and has his head up his own arse.
That Harry Hill's TV Burp is on, you wanna watch it.
Nah, cos its shite!
by tom smith March 10, 2005
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