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a chav is a person who wears lots of burberry stuff& fake fur, thinks alot of themselves & is a complete fool. also, are very fug-like and like to push old ladies over& hang about on the street. its kind of the english version of 'gangster'.
'hey, do you like my brand new burberry hat?'
'you chav.'
by lolsl October 25, 2009
as i grew up there myself, (don't worry im not a hooligan or thief OR chav) it has its positives & negatives. the positives are that it has some nice people (yes, it does) and the negatives are the football team millwall. (i still support them) so yes, bermondsey isn't very pleasant nowadays.
'oi you, what you looking at?'
'oi im from bermondsey mate, who do ya think your talking to?'

and as so the man who offended the bermondsey lad gets beaten the shit out of.
by lolsl October 25, 2009
one of the best bands in history. are made up of: john lennon, ringo starr, paul mccartney & george harrison. An english rock band that rocked the stage.
'the beatles are the best band EVER.'
'i know right, they rule.
by lolsl October 25, 2009
One of the most sexiest comedians ever. I'd love to slap his bald head. mmm
'Yo dude, harry hill is sexaaaaaaaaaay.'
(other man runs away due to him being scared as he also has a bald head and sexy glasses)
by lolsl October 25, 2009

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