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night prowling, peeping tom, predatory male, usually with a mop style haircut. disgusting.
the pacific sky was full of harringtons; lets go have a harrington at cargo
by rexamundo October 19, 2006
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referring to a person who is slow in the mind or has done something stupid and gets caught by his friends.
Kid 1: Dude how did you miss that tackle?

Kid 2: I didn't even see the guy run by.

Kid 1: Come on "Harrington" lets use that dome and pay attention.
by don doada July 05, 2011
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He is often good with the ladies and will impress you when you least expect it
He can make friends anywhere he goes
Guy one : damn the new kid just got here and he already has a girlfriend

Guy two: must be a Harrington
by Harrington March 21, 2017
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1. Slang term for Tuna.

2. Can be used to describe somebody who consistently engages in the same behavior over and over again.
Ewwwww...get a look at that harrington over there! That scaly bastard gets the same damned sandwich here day after day!
by Subsidizer March 25, 2009
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The space between a mans testicle's and rectum. Also known as a Gootch area. Can also pertain to something with a pungent smell.
"yesterday when i took a shower i had to make sure to clean my Harrington". "this man thong gave my Harrington a mean rash".. "Dude that shit you took yesterday was Harrington"
by Motivated Devil Dog January 05, 2012
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