the sound a cat makes when throwning up a hairball, or the body movements made while the cat is yarking up a hairball.
The cat is harking under the bed again. You clean it up
#york #yark #ralph york #horking #chucking
by PhlebotomyGirl March 02, 2006
Top Definition
an exclamation of joy. or anything.
hark! i made an a!!
by i hate white people July 18, 2003
A person in a state of drunkardness that results in inconceivably retarded actions.
Hark was a fucking retard last night. He shat right in the middle of the parking lot.
by Hark October 20, 2004
a non sensical phrase uttered in moments of confusion or disbelief. The new day version of "what?" or "i beg your pardon?"
Example 1. disbelief

person 1. hey bro, I heard that girl you're into hooked up with your little brother yesterday

person 2. HARK?

Example 2. confusion

person 1. Entschuldigen Sie mich guter Herr, wo ist die Bibliothek?

person 2. hark?
#confusion #disbelief #hooked up #non sensical #uttered
by bdow19 June 12, 2009
A way to say, "Season's Greetings" that is somewhat obtuse.
Hey John, Hark! Yeah, you too Dude, have a nice X-mas...
#merry christmas #seasons greetings #happy holidays #merry x-mas #good tidings dude!
by Felicia Olver December 07, 2010
To sing in the plummy rock baritone style of English singer-songwriter James Harker, halfway between the untrained manliness of Nick Cave and the preppy refinement of Josh Groban.
Listen to him, Harking away like that - one minute he thinks he's Nick Cave, the next he thinks he's Josh Groban!
#hark #sing #croon #cry #warble #belt #chant #moan #drone
by LordSummerisle March 02, 2011
Dweebish freak with a dependency (addiction) on Pepto Bismo.
Look at the janitor freak...what a hark!
#harke #insult of september #disgusting #pepto bismo #dweeb
by Darnell8 September 14, 2011
1.The acknowledgment of a particularly stupid or careless statement or action.

A)Person 1: "Man, you know Larry Johnson is a pretty good runningback."

Person 2: "HARK!!! you're a retard!"

B)Dating that girl was really freakin' hark!!
#dumb #stupid #idiot #moron #the herald angels
by Doug Korb September 04, 2007
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