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means green, also can be the name of an Indian boy
The tree is very harit.
by bhumbho May 01, 2007
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Usually Indian but have American accents or American influence. Harits have unique laughs and really chubby cheeks. Normally dresses modestly and chilled. And really good at Math. Normally lives under the shadows of his best friend, and is obsessed with food.
WOW, did you see Harit solve that math problem!
by dwcfrdjb s June 04, 2013
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Name of a perfect, tall, sweet, sensitive boy. If this boy falls in love with you, you will never feel broken apart. His love lasts unconditionally long and he is the right person. His intense care and intelligence makes him the perfect partner for the perfect girl. He brings peace, and is strong and not sensitive. His affection for sports is massive and if you find a Harit in your life. You've just met the perfect person. I love Harit, you should too. He is a genius boy.
Harits are known to say good pick up lines.
"Can i borrow a map? Cause im lost in your eyes"

"I'm in love with Harit"

"What should we name him?" "Harit."

Who do you love? "Harit." The perfect man.
by his lovers January 19, 2013
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