when the cock sticks out, causing a bulge in the front of a mans jeans. best way to get rid of it is wanking. very embarassng in public. happens often to teenage boys when they see a chic. the erection of the penis. it gets larger, hard, and sticks out.
OMG! i've got a massive hard-on.
everyone saw jay's hard-on in gym yesterday.
#stiffie #erection #boner #hardon #stiff cock
by Super hard cock 99 November 27, 2006
variant of hard-on
I have a huge hardon right now.
He's really got a hardon for that chick.
by pimpassamir August 16, 2004
An erect penis
Tied naked to the bed, the evil Wicked Wanda gazed down on the captive, Agent Long with an evil smirk, as she fondled and squeezed his gargantuan hard-on.
#johnson #wag #cock #stiff #boner
by barefeet98 November 18, 2008
(alternate spelling of hardon)
1. An erection
2. A problem
Although definition 1 is far more common, 2 is occasionally used. It is used with "for", as in "Having a hard-on for..." It implies an unhealthy fixation, and it is pejorative, in that (obviously) it implies a homoerotic obsession.
Ever since I got Jim fired, he's had a real hard-on for me.
Stop picking on him! Why do you have such a hard-on for him anyway, dude?
by pimpassamir August 16, 2004
1. An erect penis.
2. A contemptible person.
Why you fuckin' hard on!! I'll fuckin' Carlton Fisk ya fuckin' head with a Lousiville fuckin' sluggah!!
by Qbert July 30, 2004
1. a erection of the penis

2. a stubborn and severe person
His hard-on drew unwanted attention from his students.
#boner #hard ass #hard on #hardon #stiffy
by The Return of Light Joker May 21, 2009
A term used by men over the age of 65, describing an erect penis or choad. One may note that whenever "hard'on" is used, the sentance automatically becomes hilarious, and one must then give these over the hill bed rockers props
That there boy has a hard'on!
by Mark LaFrance March 03, 2005
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