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haven't had sex
no wonder you're pissed, you been hard up since 1983
by Anonymous November 13, 2002
desperate or deprived
I was a sad case a few years ago, until I met lovely Sandra. :)

in those days I was so hard up that one time, I almost did it with a girl who got a ticket for streetwalking - without a leash!
by Robbie January 12, 2004
Not having enough cash, money; broke. In a rock and a hard spot. A difficult situation.
I was hard up for cash after my trip to Vegas.
by Dominick January 14, 2004
When you feel like emphasizing an action or feeling.
"I was hard-up going to beat that girls ass!"

"Shoot, I hard-up told that bitch to suck my dick!"

"Oh, don't worry!!! I had that bitch hard-up crying for it!!"
by greenmonkey11 September 24, 2011
straight up / cold / harsh /
when ol' jim punched jason in the face .... man that was hard up.
by Scalesz September 13, 2006
Excited; usually not referring to sex but rather relating the males reaction to being excited.
I was hard up to ride on the firetruck and help with the huge accident.
by Summery April 07, 2007