straight up / cold / harsh /
when ol' jim punched jason in the face .... man that was hard up.
#hard up #hard #up #cold #harsh #straight up
by Scalesz September 13, 2006
Top Definition
desperate or deprived
I was a sad case a few years ago, until I met lovely Sandra. :)

in those days I was so hard up that one time, I almost did it with a girl who got a ticket for streetwalking - without a leash!
by Robbie January 12, 2004
Not having enough cash, money; broke. In a rock and a hard spot. A difficult situation.
I was hard up for cash after my trip to Vegas.
by Dominick January 14, 2004
haven't had sex
no wonder you're pissed, you been hard up since 1983
by Anonymous November 13, 2002
When you feel like emphasizing an action or feeling.
"I was hard-up going to beat that girls ass!"

"Shoot, I hard-up told that bitch to suck my dick!"

"Oh, don't worry!!! I had that bitch hard-up crying for it!!"
#seriously #hard up #mean it #really #hardup
by greenmonkey11 September 24, 2011
Excited; usually not referring to sex but rather relating the males reaction to being excited.
I was hard up to ride on the firetruck and help with the huge accident.
#excited #enthralled #ecstatic #thrilled #anxious
by Summery April 07, 2007
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