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To be happy go lucky, is to be cheerful about most all things. To have a positive view on life. To annoy the shit out of your friends, and to just be a peppy shithead.
Ugh, that Richard Simmons is SOO happy go lucky, he makes me sick!
by hey fat kids April 01, 2007
Easy going, carefree, nonchalant.
He is such a happy-go-lucky child.
by Larstait November 06, 2003
A person who is incredibly optimistic and high on life. They are usually peppy and make the best out of every situation. They're fun to be around and can brighten anyone's day.
Wouldn't we all want to be as Happy-Go-Lucky as her?

She is the most Happy-Go-Lucky person I've ever met.

He just had his heart broken and yet he's still so Happy-Go-Lucky.
by Nessanessness March 26, 2011
A description applied to an inexplicably happy or care-free, jobless, freeloading, sofa-surfing parasite who runs your bills up, eats your food then tells you how brilliant their day was getting drunk and stoned in the sun whilst you were at work.
A "happy go lucky" person always manages to find money for pot, beer and pasties for themselves (but not to replace items used) as well as someone else's sofa to sleep on, a fridge to raid and endless bottles of ketchup to consume...
The nicest thing I can say about Martin: he's happy go lucky.
by plussix July 14, 2014
People/Hippies that are high on life. They should be shot with a bullet, or a spear, or an axe if you have one. Annoy the rest of us by being Happy, and Going Lucky.
I feel so Happy Go Lucky Tod.. <BANG - DEAD>
by bobbt.cum February 28, 2003
Is so easy
happy go uh lucky
we are the wad of dough
we didnt eat QQQQSSS...I
Once upon a time, there was a man who had really swollen testicles. "Help me," he asked a crowd of elderly firefighters. "My testicles are really swollen, I'd appreciate it if you could recommend a topical analgesic that could make the pain a little less unbearable."
by Tae November 21, 2003
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