Pigs like to play dirty.
Happy as a butchers dog.
by Lord of Games May 16, 2004
Top Definition
to be very happy, lovin life.
That fat bitch in mcdonalds is happier than a pig in shit
by e May 16, 2004
Background: Coming from the fact that a pig is generally happier in it's own environment - it's own faeces (Makes tastier and tenderer Bacon and Sausages...)
Def: Where one person is extremely happy in the environment they find themselves in
Parachuting into the Playboy hot-tub and finding that their Sun-tan lotion boy is off for the day and they need a new one to oil them up... Expression comes into play when the job is at least 5 mins underway...
by Robert May 16, 2004
Very happy. A pig in shit would be a happy pig, so we are even happier.
Interviewer: How do you feel having scored the winning goal?
Sport guy: Happier than a pig in shit.
by mattyboy May 16, 2004
Way of saying one is overly happy. Couldnt be happier.
She got her car today, and was Happier than a Pig in shit.
by Janiethenazi May 16, 2004
ridiculously happy. Pigs cool off by rolling around in the mud, so maybe shit is the same way.
She was happier than a pig in shit when she saw Bobby.
by kristin May 16, 2004
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