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Japan originated word meaning racially half 'n half. Doesn't necessarily mean half Japanese.
"Yo, is that dude over there happa or somethin'?"

"Yeah, he's Japanese and Mexican."
by tkun April 15, 2007
Someone who is one part asian, and one part western or european.
That happa has got the hair of a goddess and the curves of a woman.
by tkun December 01, 2006
Refers to the finest quality marijuana / ganja that is grown in the fields in Okinawa in Japan, usually with a deep dark green color, and strong odor. The effect of this substance lasts a least a minimum of 6 hours. Many have claimed the effect to have stayed with them for an entire day.
A gram of Happa for 40 bucks.
by Gangsta in Japan November 18, 2007
Marijuana. Literally meaning, "leaf," it is the Japanese slang equivalent of "weed." Pronounced, "hop-pah."
"Hey, did you bring some happa?"
by BoredomBunny May 11, 2006
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