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Japan originated word meaning racially half 'n half. Doesn't necessarily mean half Japanese.
"Yo, is that dude over there happa or somethin'?"

"Yeah, he's Japanese and Mexican."
#azn #mix #white #banana #egg
by tkun April 15, 2007
Someone who is one part asian, and one part western or european.
That happa has got the hair of a goddess and the curves of a woman.
#asian #white #egg #banana #japican
by tkun December 01, 2006
A large party involving many people contained in someone's house (and usually, backyard) where dancing, drinking, smoking, drug use, sex, and other party staples occur.
That house party last night was insane; the music didn't stop till it was nearly morning.

We're throwing a house party tonight at John's place. We got a DJ and a keg, so bring cash, a girl, or booze.
#kickback #rager #celebration #party #shindig
by tkun March 31, 2015
The equivalent of $1 billion. This definition garnered traction after the social-network giant, Facebook, acquired the photo-sharing app, Instagram, for a ridiculous $1 billion.
Bonenut: Hey Jimdog, how much did you pay for that mansion?

Jimdog: I paid one instagram for this dope house, Bonenut!

Hey, did you hear about the losses Sony experienced in 2011? It was over THREE instagrams!
#instgram #photo #facebook #twitter #social #money #billion
by Tkun August 24, 2012
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