hardcore nasty. More nasty than haggard.
why is he wearing that hanus gear???
by colin June 14, 2003
Top Definition
An idiotic misspelling of the word "heinous".
Morons tend to not only misspell the word heinous as 'hanus', but lso tend to misuse it as well.
by socawkpeng January 22, 2010
Hanu: Acronym for Hook a Nigga Up


1. To give aid, especailly when giving something for free that would otherwise require some sort of payment.

2. To request such a hanu.

3. The act or instance of a hanu

4. To describe somthing which was hanued.
Dat brotha hanus with mass fried chicken.

Hey brotha, hanu with some chips.
by Juan Valdez Jr. April 12, 2003
It has two definitions. Don't you love it when things can mean two things?! double the fun! it can mean HOOK A NIGGA UP OR it can mean HIT A NIGGA UP.
Yo bitch hanu later if anything goes on.

hey can you hanu with some wawa?

I'm looking for some alcohol, can you hanu?
by gregger3725 August 19, 2011
punk as fuck
that new infected womb demo is so fucking hanus
by asdjfad October 14, 2010
when something is just so wrong or is just retarted
man, whay is he wearin' that hanus gear..
by poopheadhomedogshitmonkeydogcrap December 10, 2003
another word for hideous and ugly.
your face is hanus
by ja'odsgnk December 15, 2010
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