The feeling you get after drinking too much the night before. Nausia, headache, and groginess are common effects of a hangover.
"I've got a hangover after all that beer last night!"
by G Money December 08, 2002
The result of heavy drinking of which results in an alcohol blood content that still exists long after drinking because your liver is still trying to cope with the detox.

As a result the liver uses water to metabolize the alcohol, this water is obtained from the body and often the brain which has a high concentration of water, this lack of water that is a result of metabolism causes the membranes in the brain to tighten thus causing the headaches and body aches often are another result

puking can also occur when the body has too much alcohol and rejects the remaining alcohol in the stomach by throwing it back up
Waking up the next day after a hardy party and getting crunk
by Mathews July 24, 2005
What you do the day after New Years Eve.
As in hangover the toilet, the sink, the bucket, the lawn , outside the car, etc.
by SB RAVENS January 02, 2009
A splitting headache and the shits that you get before you start drinking, again.
Person 1: Last night was crazy, but I've got an awful hangover.
Person 2: Quit bitching and drink this 40.
by Dave from ATL December 24, 2007
the unpleasant feeling you get when you wake up after a real barn burner drinking binge, basically, you drank so much alcohol they are going to name a holiday in your honor...but the price you pay for that drinkathon is pure feel like someone dragged your tongue across a pine forest floor, your hair actually hurts, your eyeballs look like a road map, your throat is dryer than the surface of the planet Mercury...
dude 1: " holly crap man, you look like shit! what did you do last night? "

dude 2: " I don't remember anything..shut up and go get me a twelver...I have a massive hangover."
by Dan'l D October 28, 2009
Something that Ted Kennedy is immune to. This guy is so drunk, brewries have to work double-overtime! He has been drunk so many thousands of times he never feels hangovers anymore.
Anyways, hangovers are the physical results of drinking too much alcohol the night before. A hangover is usually a throbbing headache, that may feel like a migraine.
Some guy: Oh, my head. I hate hangovers.
His girl: Here, hon. Take a chasir caplet.
by Journey Fan August 13, 2004
A holiday in the religion of Yaoism.

May 10 marks the day of when Uke had been freed by Seme from the devil, Yuri, and where Uke and Seme had sexual intercourse that had miraculously and illogically made them pregnant with a son, Yaoi, who would soon become an artist and draw the first ever yaoi picture. This holiday is known as Hangover.
On Hangover, you give candy (preferably chocolate) to your lover, whether they're a boy or a girl, and give them a warming hug. This is similar to Valentine's Day, but in May, not February.
I gave chocolate to my boyfriend on Hangover! I hope the god Seme blesses me with yaoi.
by Tails Turrosaki December 22, 2009
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