The wrath of grapes.
My roommate came back from the party with a hangover!
by ShootinStar October 05, 2003
what you get after a night of too much bacardi 151
when your brain is starved of water as the water is used for your liver as the alcohol is dehydrating you.
feels great while drinking but then again "good things dont last long"
where theres good theres bad!
person 1: set me the bottle of 151
person 2: u sure you've had 1/2 bottle, tomorrow your gonna be fucked
person 1: who gives a fuck i feel on top of the world
******** NEXT MORNING********

person2: aint you gonna get up its 3pm
person1: im never gonna drink again i feel like shit
person2:your hangover, i told you to calm down on the 151 well im off to the pub
person1: **( pukeeeeeeeeeee)**
by sharabi jatt September 13, 2006
When you drink more then you should of an alcoholic beverage and you wake up the next morning with a terrible head ache,achy body, and you puke ur ass off.
Right now Amanda has the worst hangover and she will never drink again, just like alst weekend! Never! Alcohol is bad!
by Mando! February 22, 2004
1) A throbbing pain in the head

2) The pissed off feeling of finding an ugly fat woman with genital crabs laying in your bed after you realize your head hurts.
That was a terrible hangover - it took me 2 hours to drag that fat whore out of my apartment
by sp0rk July 10, 2003
God's way of telling you that you had too much.
Everyone has a limit, &a hangover is when you exceed it.
by Berr March 10, 2008
hang over- the state of still being drunk except it no longer feels good. you hurt or are at the least uncomfortable while your liver clears all the shit out of your body

I am suffering from a fucking hangover.
by niftyjess October 06, 2003
A splitting headache and the shits that you get before you start drinking, again.
Person 1: Last night was crazy, but I've got an awful hangover.
Person 2: Quit bitching and drink this 40.
by Dave from ATL December 24, 2007
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