when your muffintop hangs over your tight fitting pants.
hence the name "hangover"
friend 1: ohmygod my pants are so tight!

friend 2: yeah you have a complete hangover!
by y follower June 15, 2011
A word that is occasionally used by guys meaning to "hang over" at one of the said guy's house. Used to appear cool, but not in any way hungover from alcohol.
nerd: Hello dooood! Are you coming to my slumber party today?

Mike: Sorry, man. Me and the guys from practice already have a hangover tonight.

nerd: selfish fucker...
by GrahamL May 18, 2011
The intense feeling of sodomy when you wake up in the morning with a person of which you have no idea how or why their in the bed with you. Mixed in with migraines loss of memory and extreme fatigue. You then look around and see very expensive items, after which you get on your computer and check your credit card, realizing you've spent over 10,000$ you then shit out of your sodomized ass, after that you look at your finger and see a wedding ring, you had just married someone you don't even remember. And that's pretty much how it happens
wha..? whas goin on? Omfg, omfg, omfg, omfg!! I didn't!! Noooooooooo!!! I have such a Hangover
by whatswrongwitu April 25, 2011
When you are taking a crap and there's a little piece hanging left over and you cant get it out. Common techniques involve wiping it, but that usually gets messy, or waiting and shaking.
Dude 1: Are you coming?
Dude 2: Slow down i have a hangover!
Dude 1: Oh, crap
Dude 2: Literally. I dont know if i should wipe it or keep shakin. This is gonna smell nastay.
by foxyfox2451 March 02, 2010
It means that you were or I was drunk YESTERDAY.
I have a hangover due to my drunkeness yesterday.
by Jack Black September 29, 2004
Hangovers are for the weak. I suggest eating sunflower seeds.
I sure like dem sunflowa seeds. They is salty an make me foget bout my hangover.
by Matt Rogers January 10, 2008
the day after the night out...!! normally spent finding out what actually happened the night before.
I have no idea... what happened last night I got a hangover....
by Hang-over King April 06, 2003

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