God's way of telling you that you shouldn't have stopped drinking.
Man, I have the worst hangover this morning.
by SwankyH September 26, 2011
when a fat person wears pants that are way too tight resulting in fat rolls hanging over their pants.
Man, that girl is suffering from a massive hang-over.

His pants are going to break if he doesn't do something about his hang-over.
by Brittany F. February 26, 2007
A feeling of hunger, but you don't want to eat.
A feeling of being able to conquer the world, but not being able to move off the couch.
You'll have a headache, you'll stumble when you try to stand, and you'll really only want to eat at your favorite small town diner.
You'll belch and have the taste of your last drink in your mouth from the night before.
I'm not up for a run I've got a hangover
by Austin55555 April 18, 2012
1. The extremely shitty feeling and accompanying symptoms that follow alcohol consumption. In most cases, it is caused by a build-up of formaldehyde in the blood stream as a result of the metabolism of methanol.
2. A practical example that the gods have smiting powers and are willing to exercise them upon all those who wish to have fun.
3. Nature's way of telling you you're still alive...and how that is incongrous with its intents.
1. Shot number 7 gave me a hangover. I will never drink again.
2. Why, God, why?
3. Your body is still functioning. That won't do at all...
by Why does the world hate me? August 06, 2011
This is the perfect example of the phrase, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

The good deed: You exposed your body to copious amounts of alcohol in a relatively short time span.

The punishment: Your body expects you to maintain this level of “liquid happy” consumption, and if you don’t (even if only for the duration of a short nap)…it rebels by dishing out every discomfort that it can physically and psychologically implement.
*Individual with hangover holds head firmly in hands to prevent cranial overexpansion, and chews on entire contents of Tylenol bottle while kneeling before the porcelain god*
“Why god? Why? It seemed like such a good idea last night. I promise I’ll never drink again…so long as I live.”
*Washes Tylenol down with a bottle of Pepto-Bismol between dry heaves*

Waking up drunk just isn't the same as going to sleep drunk!
by thedue September 03, 2006
Self inflicted illness due to excess amounts of alcohol consumed the night before
My head is banging,dehydrated I feel sick how much did I drink?I'm not drinking anymore this is the worst hangover eva
by B.Berryz November 01, 2014
The person you take home on a Saturday night, a choice you immediately regret when you wake up next to them on Sunday morning, but who then hangs around the whole day, when you have better things you should be doing.
-I went round to Maggie's last night to watch the game but she was still struggling to shake off her hangover. He looked like George Lucas.

-She must have stepped on her beer goggles getting out of bed.
by robogodzilla February 11, 2011

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