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Colleague A: Where's Paul gone?
Colleague B: Off for a hand shandy I bet.
by Anonymous January 08, 2003
217 20
a wank
Oh Gladys Dont wait up for me I'm off for a hand shandy
by Leeny Burghers April 04, 2003
180 47
'avin a wank
yeahi'll be five minutes just gotto go for a hand-shandy
by thorntonj August 02, 2008
17 5
The act of stimulating another male's genitals with your hand/s.

Lady: "You up for some lovin' tonight?"
Fella: "Not really. Wouldn't mind a handshandy though".
by shoogahplum September 22, 2006
17 8
to make a bloke Cum with ya hand
Come on babe just give us a quick hand shandy
by Anvilman January 14, 2012
11 3
a wank, spanking the monkey, something huns do on a too regular basis
by Bobby October 13, 2003
43 59