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Funnier, better term for Hand Job
Mackenzie gave Nick a hand jibber on the trampoline.
by RollTide January 23, 2013
Slang for Hand job (where a girl jacks a guy off)
Hariot Tubman gave me a hand jibber under the table
by Krug August 28, 2006
A Hand-Jibber is another way of saying Hand Job- the act of a women useingher hands to manipulate her male partner/ partners (partners see-"gang-bang", also see "typical sorority girl night out") penis in order to stimulate him/ them to climax. Levels of Hand-jibbers

Level 1- She uses vice like kung-fu grip grabbing the penis and mashes her hand wildly and uncontrollable up and down.

Level 2- Using spit the girl adds lubrication to the shaft of the penis which allows for much greater pleasure while reducing friction.

Level 3- A girl constantly pulls spit from the back of her throat maintaining a slick working surface while she jerks off her man/ men, using both hands in concert.

*The level 3 Hand-Jibberis the closest thing to a real vagina mankind has come.
Me-"Yo last night Maggy gave me the best level 3 Hand-Jibber"
Friend- "Good ole rub and tug huh?"
Me- "Shes a giver bro, I think it's love"
by Jekyllnhyde February 04, 2012