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A character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
A banana shaped dog, seemingly friendly however Hand Banana is a manipulative anal rapist.

Hand Banana: 'All i like is ball... and good... and rape'

Hand Banana: 'Tonight...You'

Hand Banana: 'Looks like your basting that turkey over there. Mind if i slip in and take the temperature?'
by DocFlox November 20, 2008
A character in the show Aqua Teen Hunger force that only appeared in the episode "Hand Banana". He would usually rape Carl on a regular basis throughout the episode.

Episode Plot: Frylock genetically engineers a dog for Meatwad using the "Make Your Own Dog 1.0" software, Carl's pool, and Master Shake's hand DNA. Meatwad names the dog "Hand Banana". The dog seems to be most interested in raping Carl. Hand Banana can speak so that his words are heard only by Carl, who is immediately unnerved by Hand Banana's clearly-menacing but initially-mysterious threat, "Tonight. You." Since Hand Banana's speech cannot be heard by Frylock, Master Shake, or Meatwad -- to them, Hand Banana plays the guileless, capering pup -- Carl appears either hallucinatory or simply deranged for the majority of the episode.

Carl creates his own genetically engineered dog. He names it "The Enforcer", though it prefers the name "Spaghetti". He orders Spaghetti to rape Hand Banana, but Spaghetti refuses, and instead rapes Carl along with Hand Banana. It turns out later in the episode that the software "Make Your own Dog 1.0" is illegal in most nations and has adverse side-effects, such as the dog forming a mental link with members of the owner's family (in this case, Hand Banana bakes goods in a successful attempt to butter up to Master Shake).
Some Hand Banana quotes:

"Tonight, YOU."

"Yeah, I'm just a dog."

"All I know is Ball, and Good...and RAPE"
by stevekilledu August 21, 2009
A bright yellow, vaguely dog shaped rapist abomination of science and software piracy, handbanana is commonly known to prey on large, hairy, pale, pockmarked asses in compromising positions in many backyards across New Jersey.

If you happen to encounter a handbanana, and are asked if you're willing to "back that up"; ALWAYS SAY NO.
"Handbanana no! GET OFF MY ASS!"
by Ezekial? April 17, 2007
one who uses soiled toilet paper for a kleenex
That hand-banana just mopped up his snot with some shit paper
by Anonymous01010101 June 21, 2009
A banana for your hand. AKA penis, drive shaft, pickled pepper, tentacle.
"This is not your father's nursing home, keep your hand banana away from the guests."
by Dr. Rob Jones February 10, 2008
A cooler way to say "banana"
Mom-"Son, would you like a banana?"
Son- "Sure, I'll go get a hand banana."
by mrhandbanana July 15, 2010
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